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 welcome to chamidolls ragdoll kittens
Located in Alabama
within driving distance to Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia, and the Florida Panhandle
Gorgeous Ragdoll cats and Ragdoll kittens for sale from Alabama Ragdoll cat breeder.
Ragdoll Cats and Kittens for Sale in Alabama AL/TN

Show-breeder Ragdolls for sale

Blue-Eyed, Pointed TICA Registered Ragdoll Kittens
Healthy, Well-Socialized, Loving, Floppy, Beautiful
True Ragdolls ONLY have Blue Eyes because they are a Pointed Breed!

Welcome to ChamiDolls Ragdoll Kittens! Chamidolls Ragdolls is a very small in-home hobby show-breeder located in the Birmingham. Alabama area. All of our cats and kittens are raised in our home in a family environment as to provide the love, attention and socialization that is needed for our kittens to become well-adjusted adults. We have been breeding since 2007, and we show our cats and kittens in TICA's Southeast Region (AL, TN, GA, MS, SC, NC and FL). We are also very proud that our daughter is a junior exhibitor and is also training as a clerk. We do breed for ourselves first for show, and then  offer kittens to show-breeders, show-alter homes and pet homes. seal bicolor tortie kitten Our Ragdoll cats are HCM and FeLV/FIV  negative through testing and parentage. Our babies receive age appropriate vaccinations, wormed (if necessary), vet-checked, litter box trained, bathed before going home, Revolution or Advantage flea treatment (if needed). Our Ragdoll cattery is registered with TICA (The International Cat Association) and CFA (Cat Fancier's Association), and we are also members of TICA and abide by the TICA Code of Ethics. Chamidolls strives to provide healthy, beautiful  Ragdoll kittens with wonderful, loving temperaments. As health is of utmost importance to us, all of our adults are tested negative for HCM, FeLV and FIV. We offer a two year Health Guarantee. Colors: Seal, Blue, Red / Flame, and Cream colors. Patterns: Bicolor, Mitted, Colorpoint, Lynx, Tortie, Torbie (tortie + lynx). We show our cats and kittens in TICA to be sure we are breeding the correct type and temperament so we provide the very best pets and show-alters to our families. Showing is a super fun family hobby!

Your Ragdoll will go home at approximately 12 to 16 weeks of age, or sometimes older, and only when they are eating well, good weight, 100% potty trained, socialized, vaccinated and healthy. Although we no longer ship our pet or show-alters, we will be very happy to meet our Tennessee, Georgia, MS and Florida Panhandle families up to  hour. You may also fly in to pick up your kitten and we will meet you at our airport.

beautiful blue bicolor male kittenOur cats and kittens are raised and accustomed to different noises such as the dishwasher, blow dryer, and we always have music playing. Our kids also do a wonderful job with socializing and they love to help care for our cats. Our Ragdolls are first and foremost our family pets and we love all of them as they are part of our family. 

BOY or GIRL?  Is there a difference? We get asked this question a lot. Some families are looking for females because they think male cats will spray even after they are neutered. Most spayed/neutered pets do NOT spray. What people do not realize is that males AND females BOTH may spray when unaltered. Some lines do spray more than others, and we have only had TWO male cats and TWO females that have sprayed in all our years of breeding. With that being said, BOTH make wonderful pets!! As for size, males do weigh more and have larger features than females. Some say that males are more "on your lap" loving and affectionate, and females are more "next to you" loving, but we find that each kitten has their own individual personalities, just like humans. We have had several females that are "on your lap" cuddlers. We find that both, males and females, are super loving and make absolutely wonderful companions.  

blue lynx mitted ragdoll kittenOur very favorite Ragdoll colors/patterns are red/flame, tortie and lynx, and we are very excited to be keeping a stunning blue mitted lynx boy to show and breed from our Nutmeg x Chewy breeding. The lynx ragdoll is absolutely stunning and their exotic striped markings are similiar to a cat in the wild. We also love the stunning red or flame Ragdoll kittens.

Breed Info: The Ragdoll is a semi-longhaired, POINTED cat, and ONLY has BLUE captivating eyes. Their personality is probably the most famous feature, and is known as a true gentle giant. They are affectionate, easy to handle, relaxed in temperament, very intelligent, and generally not overly active or very talkative, with the exception of when they are young, but there also may be exceptions to this as each cat does grow to have their own personality. This sweet, loving breed is also very intelligent, and similar to a dog in some ways as they are completely devoted and loyal to their owners and can be easily trained to roll, beg, retrieve toys, and may also be taught to walk on a leash and harness. Ragdoll kitten breeder This adoring breed is a true companion and loves to always be at your side. The Ragdoll is known for their docile, sweet, laid back disposition, and most have the tendency to relax in a person's arms like a child's rag doll. Most Ragdoll cats are so people-oriented, and absolutely love to be with their families and get strongly attached. They love to snuggle either on your lap, next to you, or at your feet. Our cats and kittens are always following us from room to room, and the kitten train is the absolute cutest. Since the Ragdoll is strictly an indoor pet, they must be provided with lots of trees, condos, toys, and scratching posts. They are also very social and need constant companionship unlike some other breeds, which may be aloof and more independent. The Ragdoll cat is more on the calmer side when older, but they still do love to play, and they also adjust very well to most situations and get along wonderful with most dog Blue bicolor Ragdoll female kittenbreeds, other pets and children. Since they thrive on companionship, we do suggest having two Ragdoll kittens or another pet to keep each other company as they are happiest if constant companionship is provided.

The Ragdoll cat is NOT hypo-allergenic and they DO shed as do all animals with hair. We find that if you brush the coat on a regular basis, they will shed less often. The Ragdoll has blue eyes and  is a "pointed" breed, meaning their extremities are darker than their body and the coat is very silky and soft. This breed of cat does lose the fluffy coat just like other cats during the heat of summer and when breeding, but it will grow back in the fall/winter or when the cat is no longer a breeder and his/her hormones level out. Newborn kittens are white at birth, and will slowly develop their color as they grow, reaching full color at approximately 3 years of age. Ragdolls are slow to mature, and will reach full size at approximately 4 years of age. An altered male will grow to approximately 15-20 lbs., sometimes larger, and spayed females will grow to about 10 to 15 lbs. Traditional colors are seal (a deep brown), chocolate (lighter warm brown), blue (greyish blue), lilac (lighter greyish blue with a pink tinge). Patterns include colorpoint, mitted and bicolor. Other beautiful colors and patterns are red-flame, cream, tortie, torbie and lynx.  To see Ragdoll color and pattern examples, please see our Color/Patterns page, and visit our Ragdoll Photos page to see some of our beautiful kittens who have found their furrever families!

If you are looking for a super sweet, loving, snuggly, floppy, large, gorgeous family pet that is wonderful with children, a Ragdoll may be the perfect pet for you and your family!

Please note:  We do not ship pet quality cats or show-alters, but we are able to meet our customers up to 1.5 hours or half way (whichever is less) for a small fee.  We are within driving distance of Tennessee, Georgia, MS Mississippi and Florida Panhandle.  We are also an easy drive on I-65 to meet our Nashville, TN customers, and we are only 2 hours from Chattanooga and Atlanta, GA.

 Ragdolls have blue eyes because they are a pointed breed

ChamiDolls Ragdolls is a closed cattery as we do not provide stud service.

If you would like more information, please email with any questions.



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