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Available Ragdoll Kittens


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*** UPDATE 8/12/19 ***

We have a couple of newborn litters that I will be evaluating until they are approximately 10-11 weeks old.  I will notify families on our waiting list once I complete evaluations and will offer kittens in order that deposits were received and by breeder/show/pet quality.  We will not do photos until I finish evaluating and I know which kittens will be available.
These kittens will come home anytime from September - November.
Purchasing Info


Reserving/Purchasing Kittens - We offer kittens first as 1) Show-Breeder quality; 2) Show quality (or show quality in pet home); and then 3) pet quality. Pet quality are placed in order that deposits are received.  We evaluate kittens for quality and personality until they are approximately 8-11 weeks old, sometimes longer if we are evaluating for show/breeder. Once we are finished evaluating, we will offer the kittens to those on our waiting list first, and then any available kittens will be posted on this website and on our Facebook page. 
If you choose to be placed on our waiting list, PLEASE BE PATIENT with us as breeding is NOT a QUICK process as we are a small breeder and it takes about 4.5-5 months from breeding FOR ONE QUEEN until kittens are ready to go home at approximately 12 weeks of age. Once the queen is bred, it takes 9 weeks for pregnancy, and then 12 weeks (sometimes longer) until the kitten is able to go homeAlso please be patient if you are looking for only a specific color/pattern/gender as it will take longer since we cannot guarantee our queens will have that specific color/gender/pattern. If you are open to ALL colors/patterns, you will receive a kitten sooner.  We are very good at responding to all emails in a timely manner, and if you would like an update, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US FOR UPDATES AT ANY TIME.
Please understand that we are NOT a pet store and we do not have a "cattery" where cats live. Our Ragdolls live in our home as part of our family and we breed Ragdolls as a hobby and hand-raise our kittens in our home, underfoot.      

Deposits - Pet quality non-refundable deposit is $100, and $200 for show quality, retired cat/young adult or older kitten, which is deducted from the final price of the kitten/cat. Deposits may be transferred to another available kitten/litter for up to one year from the date deposit is placed. We are unable to hold a kitten without a deposit. We accept PayPal to for deposit (with 4% Paypal fee), Zelle (contact for Zelle info), and Personal Checks.

Payment:  We accept Zelle (no fee), PayPal (with 4% Paypal fee for U.S. payment to, Personal Checks (at least a week before pick-up), and cash only at pick-up for final payment. Kitten must be paid in full when chosen, or by 12 weeks of age.  

Pet Quality Kittens - Pet quality seal and blue kittens are $895-$995, pet quality red/flame and lynx kittens are $995-$1095, and are priced individually based on color, pattern and how close the kitten meets the Ragdoll standard. Pet quality kittens may be less than perfectly marked or may have another penalizing or disqualifying quality which would prevent them from being shown. Spay/Neuter surgery is an additional fee.   

Show Quality - Show quality kittens are priced individually based on color, pattern and how close the kitten meets the Ragdoll standard. Show quality prices START at $1200 and go up based on quality. Show alters have perfect or near perfect markings and meet the Ragdoll standard. Show quality kittens will only be sold with show rights, and NO breeding rights. Show alter Ragdoll kittens may be sold to a pet home at show alter price if no show homes are available. Spay/Neuter surgery is an additional fee.

Retired Cats - We require a $200 non-refundable deposit to reserve a retired cat, young adult, or older kitten. Retired cats are individually priced. Occasionally we may have an adult cat that we are retiring from our breeding program that may become available to a furrever pet home.  Our Ragdoll cats will be altered before going home, up to date on core vaccinations/rabies and TICA registered. 

Kitten Pick-up: We do pick-ups/meetings on Saturday or Sunday depending on our work schedule. We may also meet you up to one hour depending on our schedules. Please be sure to have a pet carrier to keep your kitten safe for the ride home.
Air Transport - You may fly into our airport, Birmingham International, and we will hand deliver your kitten at the airport curbside.  We do NOT ship our cats/kittens in cargo.  

If you are interested in our kittens, please complete our Kitten Application

You may submit a deposit via PayPal from our Purchase Info page.




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