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Ragdoll Photos
ragdolls, ragdolls for sale
Please see our Facebook page for Ragdoll photos!

N O T   F O R   S A L E

Below are photos of Ragdoll cats and kittens bred by us.

Ishani x Piglet Tortie Girls
The bright white splotched on the face and points will turn a red/orange as
the girls grow and their color comes in.

Seal Colorpoint Tortie

Seal Mitted Tortie

9/4/15 - We have had a very fun and busy summer! JAX had settled in perfectly with our family. We brought him with us when we went on vacation.  We have a 35 foot long camper, so he had plenty of air conditioned space!   All of the kids just love him!  Thank you again, Kristi

Above:  Blue bicolor ragdoll kitten owned and love by the Burnett family!

Above:  Adorable blue bicolor ragdoll kitten out of Bella x Jagger. Owned and loved by Juli K.

Hi Tari, H
ope all is well with your, your family and your cattery.
I just wanted to send you some current photos of Channing Tatum (blue bi-color white tip tail). He is doing great and every one loves him, he is very playful...loves his little micey (he has about 12!). He puts them in my purse, on my pillow, in his litter box, in his food bowl....everywhere.  He brought one to bed with him last night.  He is a snuggler, but usually in the morning for an hour and at night.  The rest of the time he is looking out the windows or prowling the house looking for something to pounce. He ca be very talkative when he wants something or is trying to find me.  In fact today, he was standing in the large dog water bowl was dry and he wanted me to fill it up.  Ive attached some recent photos to show you how is doing.  He weighs about 9 lbs and is getting bigger every day.Take care and enjoy the photos! Juli K


Displaying IMG_0439.JPG
Above: Precious blue bicolor Ragdoll kitten out of Savannah x Jagger. Owned and loved by Joan and Larry

8/20/15 - Hi, Tari, Thought you might like to see Diesel and his best buddy. They keep us in stitches playing together!!! They have become fast friends and love playing together. Diesel is thriving, now weighing 7 1/2 pounds. He has tons of personality and loves everybody. Thanks again for this precious addition to our family. Blessings on you and your family, Joan and Larry

7/15/15 - Hey, Tari, Just wanted to update you on Diesel.  All good news!  He is adjusting beautifully to his new home. You would get such a kick out of watching him!  What a personality he exhibits!  Diesel struts across the floor like he's the biggest cat in the place. He keeps us in stitches with his antics and with playing with his Labrador brother. They are fast friends now and really seem to enjoy each others company. Diesel just tickles us because he plays so hard, jumping, running, climbing all over everything in sight and then abruptly collapses, usually in Larry's or my lap or at least right next to us. Then he sleeps like the dead.  He particularly enjoys belly rubs and he purrs, just like his name suggests, at the slightest touch! Thank you so much for this gorgeous bundle of joy. Everybody who meets him, and there have been numerous ones, falls in love with his funny personality and his handsome looks. Again, thank you for this lovable, precious addition to our family and for your commitment to preserving and improving the Ragdoll breed.  Yours truly, Joan and Larry

Bella x Jagger Blue Bicolor Ragdoll Male Kittens

Savannah x Jagger Blue Bicolor Ragdoll Female

Ishani x Jagger Seal Bicolor Female Kitten

CH Rockcreek Gypsy Rose of Chamidolls - RETIRED SPAYED PET
Gypsy seal mitted ragdoll kitten *

Our ragdoll kittens from Ishani x Robin
Left: TICA Champion Blossom     Right:  TICA Champion Chewy

ragdolls, ragdoll breeders, ragdoll kitten, ragdoll cat
Ishani x Robin Kittens

Gypsy x Jagger Ragdoll Kittens
Seal Mitted, Blue Colorpoint and Blue Mitte

Savannah x Manny kittens - Blue Lynx Bicolor

Lacie x Manny
Blue Mitted & Blue Bicolor

Diamondsriver Robin
neutered and in a loving forever pet home

Beautiful Seal Mitted Lacie Kitten owned and loved by Susan V. in AL

Marbles is a retired king and is now a neutered pet
Seal Point Mitted Male Ragdoll Cat

Above:  Marbles as a baby kitten


Chamidolls Tia (Seal Bicolor)
Soulmates Princess x Echoglen Morgan
Retired Pet


Lacie x Marbles Litter

Seal Mitted Male


Blue Mitted Female

Seal Mitted Female

Princess x Morgan
Blue Bicolor Ragdoll Kitten
blue bicolor ragdoll kitten - princess x morganblue bicolor ragdoll kitten


Above:  Seal Colorpoint

Absolutely gorgeous Princess x Morgan
Blue Mitted Male Ragdoll Cat all grown up!!


Bella x Joey
Blue Mitted Ragdoll Female

Bella x Joey
Seal Colorpoint Ragdoll Male cat

Tia x Joey
Seal Mitted Male Ragdoll Kitten

Seal Mitted Ragdoll Male
 He does have beautiful BLUE eyes.  I could not capture in photo.
 seal mitted male ragdoll kitten


Seal Mitted Ragdoll Female cat 

Seal Mitted Male

  Seal mitted ragdoll kitten 

Blue Bicolor Ragdoll Cat all grown up!!

Seal Bicolor Ragdoll female cat grown up

 Princess x Morgan Kittens
Blue Bicolor, Blue Mitted & Seal Mitted (Bella on our Queens Page)

Blue Colorpoint

Blue Mitted Ragdoll Kitten Male


 Blue Mitted Male Ragdoll Kitten owned and loved by Shelly U.
blue mitted male ragdoll kitten

Below is a Princess x Morgan Seal Mitted Female loved by Sherry L.
"Hi Tari, Just wanted to  let you know Zoey is doing great.  She has imprinted on me and follows me all over the house.  She sleeps snuggled up next to me or Randy.  She was leery of my dog Cody at first, now she tries to get in his food bowl at feeding time.  Cody just ignores her.  She had her check up and shots yesterday.  I changed vets to one recommended by friends.  Dr. Middendorf gave her an A+.  We are very happy to have her as part of the family.  I’m trying to figure out if I should get her a companion to play with.   Oh, and she does not allow me to go the bathroom without her.  If I do she is right at the door mewing until I let her in.  She is so funny."
seal mitted ragdoll female


Below is a Summer/Morgan kitten, Argo.  Argo is owned and loved by Donna B.  "Hi Tari....Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that I'm more in love today than yesterday!   This little baby Argo of mine is Awesosme!   He's growing, getting fatter and becoming the boss of the house!!  I'm inserting a picture of him so you can see just how beautiful he becoming.  Thanks for the love of my life!!!"

Below: Mia is owned and loved by Stephanie M. (who just received a 2nd kitten from us!)  Mia is a blue mitted female out of Chloe x Morgan.


Vera Wang, who is owned & loved by Lisa.  She is a blue mitted female Ragdoll.


Chloe x Morgan Seal Bicolor Male Ragdoll Kitten owne and loved by Angie S.
"Mr. Bingley, our ragdoll is such a lovable part of our family. We love him so very much. Attached is a pic and thanks again for allowing us to have such an amazing pet. Enjoy the pic!"

Seal Mitted Ragdoll Kitten with Blaze

Floppy Blue Mitted Male Ragdoll Kitten
Blue Mitted Ragdoll Male with a Blaze


   Blue Bicolor Ragdoll Male Kitten

Blue Colorpoint Ragdoll Kitten

Andy - Gorgeous Blue Mitted Male with Blaze

Andy - Blue Mitted with Blaze Male Ragdoll Cat.  This gorgeous boy is loved by Dawn 

ragdolls, ragdolls for sale

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