Our contract provides:

Kitten is guaranteed to be in good health and is free of FeLV, FIV, parasites and disease at the time of sale. Health guaranteed against lethal genetic defects for first 2 years from birth. FIP guaranteed for one year from date of birth. Feline Leukemia guaranteed for first 3 days from pick-up only. The Purchaser will have kitten examined within 3 business days from pick-up by a licenced veterinarian to verify good health. The Buyer agrees to that kitten will have yearly veterinary examinations and vaccinations will be kept up to date. Purchaser agrees that Ragdoll will not receive the FIP or FeLV vaccination as FIP Vaccination has been proven to be ineffective, and FeLV is not needed as the Ragdoll is an indoor only cat. The Purchaser agrees to provide proper care, attention, and veterinary care for the life of the Ragdoll. The Buyer understands and agrees that the Buyer is responsible for ALL costs associated with Ragdoll kitten. The Purchaser agrees that the Ragdoll will not be allowed to roam freely outside. The Purchaser agrees that the above Ragdoll will never be declawed as this is a mutilation.  PLEASE READ:  http://www.humanesociety.org/animals/cats/tips/declawing.html. The Purchaser agrees that the Ragdoll will not be sold, leased or given away to any other breeder, research laboratory, pet store, or similar facility at any time.

 Please email for to review full contract for kittens

Retired cats are guaranteed healthy for 72 hours during which time you must take to your vet to verify good health.